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This is a photo of a Girl Scout with a flower

Girl Scout Troops

The Oakville Service Unit supports several Girl Scout Troops. Girls are grouped in troops according to grade level and school. If there is not a pre-existing troop at your grade level and school, the Service Unit will assist you in finding a troop that will fit you at another school or will help you form a new troop. For a direct link to join a troop in the Oakville Service Unit just click on this button:

Troop Levels are:

Daisies - Kindergarten - Grade 1

Brownies - Grades 2-3

Juniors - Grades 4-5

Cadettes - Grades 6-8

Seniors - Grades 9-10

Ambassadors - Grades 11-12

More information about Troop Levels can be found on the Girl Scouts Website

Girl Scouting doesn't end with high school graduation!
If you're an alum there's a place for you too!

To register as a Girl Scout or volunteer, or if you have additional questions,

you may contact our parent council Girl Scouts of Eastern PA

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