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This image shows Girl Scout friends camping and cooking and making smores and having fun
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When you think of Girl Scouts you think of camping - hiking, campfires, smores over the open fire. Whether for the day or overnight, camping is a not to be missed experience for every Girl Scout!

There are many ways to take part in camping:

Oakville Service Unit Day Camp

The Oakville Day Camp is a camp run for girls by girls! To find out more or to register click here: 


Oakville Service Unit Camporee 


The annual Camporee for all the troops of Oakville is a weekend of fun and activities for girls of all levels. 

Summer Day Camps and Overnight Camps

Girls who want even more camping can attend Girl Scout day camps and overnight camps in their home state or another state. To learn more about GSEP camps click here:

This image shows a Girl Scout traveling and having fun
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Travel with Oakville


Discover the world with Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts of the Oakville Service Unit have experienced many exciting trips around the world, from the rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica to the palaces of France and Spain and everywhere in between! Girls can participate in fundraising to pay for part or all of the cost of trips. To find out more about past tours and upcoming trips, click here: 

World Centers


Ready to explore the world on your own? Girls, Troops, Volunteers and their families and friends can always find a home at one of the five Girl Scout World Centers in Switzerland, Mexico, England, Africa or India. Volunteer and Internship opportunities are available for the truly adventurous! To find out more, click here: 

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