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This image shows Girl Scout Badges
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Badges, Journeys and Awards


Badges, Journeys and Awards are ways for Girl Scouts of all levels to explore, learn, gain skills, and contribute to their communities.


Badges and Journeys

Whatever a girl wants to know, she can find a badge or journey to guide her. Learn to cook over a campfire, study robotics, attend a concert, create a skit, interview a local government leader, and more - the possibilities are endless!

Girls at every level, from Daisies on up, can earn as many badges as they would like. Badge requirements provide age-appropriate guidelines for girls to follow to learn more about topics of interest and develop new skills.

Journeys provide guidance to Juniors and above to take their interests to the next-level. The goal of each Journey is the "Take Action" Project. By designing and carrying out a Take Action Project, girls can think about ways that they can make a meaningful contribution to their community, develop the practical steps to carry out their project, and together with their team accomplish their goal.

This image shows the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the Girl Scout Silver Award, and the Girl Scout Gold Award
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Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Girls who have completed at least one journey and want to create their own project that will have a lasting impact on their community are ready to pursue the highest awards that a Girl Scout can earn!

Bronze Award: Juniors who have completed a Journey can form a team to earn the Bronze Award. To learn more click here: 

Silver Award: Cadettes who have completed a Journey and are ready to go solo can earn the Silver Award. To learn more click here:

Gold Award: Seniors and Ambassadors who have completed two Journeys or one Journey plus the Silver Award and want to take on the highest challenge of Girl Scouting can earn the Gold Award. To learn more click here:


Scholarships: Girl Scouts graduating from high school may apply for many scholarship awards to help further their education: 

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