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Girl Scouting could not happen without the commitment of adults — just like you — who serve girls through the different volunteer opportunities available at our councils. Whether you choose to work directly with girls or indirectly by supporting those adults who do, as a Girl Scout volunteer you get the opportunity to awaken in girls their personal leadership abilities and the promise to develop to their full potential.

We know that your commitment and actions will make a difference in a girl's life. In fact, research shows that the influence a caring adult has on a child will last a lifetime.

Although volunteering in Girl Scouting probably means something different to each person, there is undeniably a common ground — the desire to help girls become courageous, confident individuals with character!

As a volunteer, you can choose from several flexible Girl Scout Pathways — the ways that girls and adults participate in Girl Scouting — which offer you the freedom to tailor your level of involvement to fit your schedule and lifestyle. For instance, you can work directly with girls or work indirectly with them by supporting other adults who work directly with girls, and you can choose from either short-term or long-term assignments.

Match your expertise, skills, interests, and life experience to the needs of our councils' based on their available volunteer opportunities. You will get the support, instruction, and guidance necessary to fulfill your role successfully as a Girl Scout volunteer that helps council staff and other volunteers guide girls through the New Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Your service will be recognized and greatly appreciated not only by GSUSA and council staff, but particularly by all the girls who you will help to grow strong!

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