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What will you do today? Take a trip? Build a website? Design clothing? Help some children? Girl Scouts gives you a chance to do all of these things and more. Participate in ways that work for you - by yourself, as part of a group, every week, or whenever it fits into your busy schedule.

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Check out our Summer Camp, Spring and Winter program offerings today. Make your decisions, then Online Camp Registration Form or the Online Program Registration Form. Please do not attempt to register for camp using the program form. A deposit is required to register for camp, but not for program registration. As always your feedback is welcome at spark@gsep.org.
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Another resource for fun programs and activities are GSEP's Program Partners. This is a listing of all the great resources in your community with great ideas for trips, projects and educational activities.

Do you Youtube? If you've got videos of an Oakville Girl Scout event, tell us and it might be posted on this site! The same goes for fun photos of you and your Oakville pals. We'd love to add them to our Photo Gallery!

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