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Fun Projects

As a convenience to our girls and adult volunteers, Oakville Service Unit provides a list of projects for girls to do in and out of their meetings.

If you have a project you would like to share with everyone, please email it to us at oakvillegsep@gmail.com

Juliette Low Birthday Projects — October 31st is Juliette Low's Birthday. Have fun with the projects below.
  • Flat Juliette Project — Make your troop's Flat Juliette and start inviting her to all of your troop's activities.
  • Juliette Low - 100 Words Game — The girls work together to find 100 words from the letters in Juliette Gordon Low's name
  • Juliette Low Interactive Story — This is a lot of fun for all ages
  • Juliette Low Memory Game — (Print out the cards with the front picture and the back Description Text.) Hand out Juliette Low Fact index cards to the girls — each girl can hold up the picture side to the group and then read the back. I told them to listen since we would be playing a memory game later. After doing another activity, break into groups. Each girl picked a card from the pile and tried to remember the fact without looking at the back. She went to her team for help if she could not remember.
  • Birthday Line Up Challenge — Ask the girls to line up in birthday order: Jan 1 — Dec 31 (not considering the year) — WITHOUT talking, lipping, or writing. They need to work together and learn how to communicate to get this done correctly. When they were set, they raised their hands. When they are ready, go through the line and have the girls announce their birthday.

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